BlockChain Technology Protects Brands & Products

Customer Trust to the Brand

Genuine and No Sham. With BlockChain Technology, VeChain helps Manufacturers and Brands bring the new world with only Genuine Product and Brand Trust back to the consumers.

Customer Focus to Product

As BlockChain technology as core, VeChain provides a product verification and transparent supply chain solution to the Manufacturers and Brands against counterfeiting around the world. Consumers and Customers are able to have visibility to the products themselves including origins, materials, designing concepts, Brand stories and etc.

Transparency & Traceability

VeChain can make the manufacturing & supply chain public, transparent and traceable to the world. Consumers are able to see what they want, what they order and how to deliver to their hands. Brand value will be spread wide and fast by various access channels to the customers.

Intellectual Property Protection

Through VeChain platform, Intellectual Property Protection becomes convenient and secure. IP contents can be easily written into Public BlockChain database without concern to be overwritten and disputed which can be easily accquied by people around the world with Internet access.

Go Mobile

VeChain offers a mobile app to allow Manufacturers, retailers and customers to verify if the item they purchased is genuine. Below is the download link:



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