VeChain's Blockchain-as-a-Service ("BaaS") platform is called ToolChain. ToolChain is a comprehensive blockchain platform offering diverse services including: product lifecycle management, supply chain process control, data deposit, data certification, and process certification. With ToolChain, any sized business, no matter how large or small, can utilize blockchain technology to further enhance brand perception and value as well as to expand into new business models using immutable data.

Off the Shelf

ToolChain Standard Version is designed to provide a comprehensive low-code/no-code blockchain solution that meets even the most demanding enterprise requirements. Register for a free trial now and integrate blockchain into your business right away.

Highly Scalable

ToolChain Developer Version provides developers with additional tools, such as powerful APIs, an SDK toolkit, detailed developer documentation, etc., to easily develop a variety of blockchain applications without having to be proficient in blockchain development.

Independent Deployment and Customization

ToolChain Partner Version, a turnkey solution designed specifically for VeChain channel partners, is available for independent deployment and multidimensional customization to meet diverse business demands and provide a more immediate end-user experience.

Fully Functional

ToolChain is a fully functional blockchain solution combining software and hardware. The complete solution consists of a software application platform, mobile apps, IoT chips and sensors, the VeChainThor blockchain service, etc., and covers the entire lifecycle of products from material procurement, production and processing, logistics, warehousing, storage, and distribution to the end consumer.

Secure and Reliable

ToolChain has been adopted by enterprises in various industries around the world. With excess network security protection and operation and maintenance capacities, we can provide encryption services for the entire process of data storage and transmission.


VeChain ToolChain comes with an affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing model, providing the complete toolkit: management platform, IoT chip and equipment, mobile app, and H5, to facilitate management improvement and brand upgrading in a cost-effective fashion.


Comprehensive Product Management

Comprehensive Product Management

Product Data ManagementLogistics and StorageDigitized Ownership ConfirmationCustomer Reach
Value-added Data Service

Value-added Data Service

Data StorageData AuthenticationData AnalysisData Value-added
Authoritative Third-party Certification

Authoritative Third-party Certification

Digital Assurance ServiceManagement Systems Certification


Allocate Chips to the ProductsIoT Devices Keep Track of ProductionKeep Track of Transportation and StorageAuthoritative CertificationSupply-chain FinanceRetailingE-commerceConsumer InteractionAftersales

Use Case Introduction

  • The wine producer “F” has been making quality wine using indigenous grapes, and conducting strict process and storage controls, however, lacking effective ways to prove the quality of their products to end consumers, the winery failed to stand out in the market. After researching multiple authentication solutions, F chose VeChain's ToolChain solution to enhance brand perception using blockchain, and deployed the ToolChain Standard Version across the entire winemaking process.
  • ToolChain IoT chips, which cannot be copied or reused, are attached to the caps of the wine bottles during production. By leveraging various IoT devices and the VeChain Work App, the producer collects and manages the core data generated in the entire lifecycle of the wine, from raw material procurement, production and processing, logistics, warehousing, retail distribution, all the way to the end consumer, while simultaneously improving process management efficiency and business decision making. All the data collected will be verified and then stored on the VeChainThor blockchain, ensuring its immutability.
  • Verified by an independent authoritative certification body, the wine producer F was issued an internationally recognized quality certificate, which was stored on the VeChainThor blockchain together with relevant data. When authorized by F, all the data stored on the blockchain can be shared with business partners and consumers, thus improving the company's credibility in the market and overall brand perception.

    Furthermore, by sharing the immutable, third-party verified data stored on the blockchain, F was able to obtain new loans from their financial service providers and seize new opportunities provided to scale the business.

  • Consumers also participate by scanning the IoT device attached to the bottle cap and embedded with a unique ID on the VeChainThor blockchain, using the VeChain Pro Mobile App. Following the instruction, the consumer is prompted with the authentication information and certificate stored on the blockchain, thus making it possible for them to learn about the high-quality raw materials and unique processing techniques of the wine. The consumer can also interact with the brand through the mobile app, further enhancing brand value.
IoT chipIoT chipNFC tag


Operation Management

  • Dialog
  • Disaster Tolerance
  • Monitor

Enterprise Management Platform

  • Smart Hardware Procurement Module
  • SKU Information Management Module
  • Process Control
  • Access Control
  • Cold-chain Management
  • Data Verification

Enterprise Business Platform

  • Code Allocation Management
  • Code Set Management
  • Process Information Collection
  • Storage and Logistics Data Collection

Consumer Interaction Platform

  • Display the Authentication Information of the Product
  • Display the Basic Information of the Product
  • Display the Traceability Information of the Product
  • Display the Certificates Stored on the Blockchain
VeChain OpenAPIs

Security Management

  • Enterprise Verification
  • Key Escrow
  • Third-party Verification
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Multi-Version ToolChain for Diverse Business Needs
  • Standard Version

    VeChain ToolChain Standard Version is a low-code/no-code blockchain-based solution developed specifically for anti-counterfeit traceability and supply-chain management. Features:

    • VeChain Blockchain Core Service
    • VeChain ID Purchasing Module (QR Code/NFC/RFID chip)
    • Product Management Module
    • Logistics Management Module
    • Personnel, Institution, and Access Management Module
    • QR Code Generating Software
    • Business Management Module
    • VeChain Work App
    • VeChain Pro App
    • Product Display H5
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  • Developer Version

    VeChain ToolChain Developer Version provides developers with a variety of APIs, SDK developer toolkits, and detailed developer documents, enabling developers to deploy their custom built apps on the VeChainThor Blockchain effortlessly and rapidly.

    • VeChain Blockchain Core Service
    • ToolChain API User's Guide
    • VeChain ID Purchasing Module(QR Code/NFC/RFID Chip)
    • SDK, which can be used to scan VeChain ID and conduct safety verification automatically, and Connection Manual(iOS/Android Version)
    • QR Code Generating Software
    • VID Batch Management Hand-held Device
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  • Partner Version

    VeChain ToolChain Partner Version provides channel partners the option to create a proprietary (white-label) independent deployment hosted on partner servers, all with a customized upgrading service.

    • VeChain Blockchain Core Service
    • ToolChain Partner Version Independent Deployment Manual
    • Enterprise Management Module
    • Project Management Module
    • VeChain ID Purchasing Module(QR Code/NFC/RFID Chip)
    • Self-operated Commodity Management Module
    • Logistics Management Module
    • Personnel, Institution, and Access Management Module
    • QR Code Printing Software
    • Business Management Module
    • VeChain Work App
    • VeChain Pro App
    • Product Display H5
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