Industry Problems and Pain Points

Paper documents are vulnerable to counterfeiting

It's easy to forge paper certificates, contracts, and other documents. In the meantime, certification processes can be complex and time-consuming, thus making it possible for criminals to engage in fraud.

Paper documents are vulnerable to losses and damages

Traditional means of document storage such as paper-based document storage and centralized databases present a risk of losses or damages, resulting in heavy losses to the document owner.

No support for cross-platform cooperation

Each participant only saves the data of its own business, cross-platform data sharing are presented with various problems such as complex administrative processes, ineffective data exchange and sharing schemes, and business delays.

Solution Overview
  • Through the electronic certificate collection system, we can transfer any paper document into a digital paper, and achieve the highest level of security and encryption by utilizing various security technologies.
  • The digital certificates will be stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain. The owners of the electronic certificates can authorize relevant parties to access the electronic certificates stored on the blockchain to verify the authenticity of the document, they can also share the digital certificates with parties in need.
  • By comparing the paper document and the digital document stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain, government agencies and banks are enabled to conduct rapid verification of the relevant documents. For judicial, arbitration, auditing and other institutions, the electronic certificate stored on the blockchain can be used directly as digital evidence, fast and valid.

Preventing counterfeiting

The electronic certificates stored on the blockchain are time-stamped and electronically signed. This solution permits full immutability of the content of the certificate, and improves its authenticity and security as well.

Secure storage

The electronic documents stored on the blockchain are complete, secure and reliable.

Flexible sharing

With the owner's authorization, electronic certificates can be shared in an efficient, authentic, and effective manner.

Improve the efficiency of evidence obtaining

The data stored on the blockchain can be shared in a rapid manner, thus reducing the time needed for evidence obtaining, optimizing the arbitration process, and improving the efficiency of multi-party collaboration.


VeChain Solution

Traditional Document Storage

Traditional Document Storage



VeChain has partnered with INPI ASIA to create a digital storage solution for driver's license and diplomas in Southeast Asia, by leveraging blockchain technology and a unique paper encryption technology. The documents can be transferred into digital paper and stored on the blockchain. This solution can be used to solve the problems of fake driver's license and fake diplomas, and it has the potential to be applied in driver's licenses and university diplomas on a large scale.

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