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Industry Problems and Pain Points
Piracy and copyright infringement are hard to be rooted out

Piracy and copyright infringement are hard to be rooted out

Pirated digital content is rampant; the process of ownership confirmation is time-consuming, ineffective, and causes massive financial loss to copyright owners.

Content and users are not highly matched up

Content and users are not highly matched up

Operation data on traditional content distribution platforms can be easily tampered with and is not very reliable, as a result, the content is not categorized properly and the content sent to users is not targeted.

Centralized Distribution Channels

Centralized Distribution Channels

As distribution channels are controlled by centralized institutions, content creators are unable to access accurate content distribution history and cannot be rewarded accordingly; some of the content cannot reach the readers in time.

Solution Overview
  • Distributed ledger and time stamp of the blockchain technology can help users confirm copyright in a timely manner: content creators create content on the blockchain-based digital content distribution platform, then submit request for publication, and register on the VeChainThor Blockchain to achieve traceability for intellectual property.
  • Content creators can search registration history to trace copyright, then they can check and download the certificate, which can provide users with valid copyright accreditation. Readers are able to see the symbol of copyright tracing accreditation on the content page. With the certificate, the copyright of content creators can be protected, and content creators are able to search reliable paid reading history of readers, and then improve their content.
  • Based on readers' reading history stored on blockchain, the digital content distribution platform is also able to provide data analysis platforms with authentic and reliable data to analyze readers' interests and hobbies, so as to send customized content to readers; based on readers' reading history, the platform is also able to generate reading bills, analyze data on learning behaviors, so as to help readers make future study plans.

Fast copyright confirmation

Content creators can follow the instructions of the content platform and register the copyright on blockchain easily and efficiently. Content creators will also receive copyright certificate when registration is completed.

Targeted content push

Based on the real reading history of readers, the content platform can send targeted content to users, so as to improve user experience and efficiency.

Transparent content distribution history

Content creators are able to search all the content distribution history, which is real and valid, and content creators will be rewarded accordingly.

Peer-to-peer content distribution

Distribution channels are not controlled by centralized institutions, so that the content can reach readers directly.


VeChain Solution

Traditional Digital Content Distribution Platforms

Traditional Digital Content Distribution Platforms

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