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Industry Problems and Pain Points
Inefficient Information Collection

Inefficient Information Collection

The vital information generated during transportation, such as temperature and humidity, are currently mainly collected manually, which means no one can guarantee its authenticity or reliability. Should any problem arises, it's hard to determine what went wrong and where.

Information can be easily modified

Information can be easily modified

The data collected is managed by each participant in a centralized manner, should any problem arises, the data can be easily tampered with or altered, which means the data is less reliable.

Isolated Information Sources

Isolated Information Sources

Numerous upstream and downstream enterprises are isolated from each other, which means information can't be shared in a timely and effective manner, thus making the brands unable to manage the entire logistics process.

Solution Overview
  • IoT devices, which have been verified and equipped with a VeChain ID, are able to keep track of the entire logistics process by being deployed in the goods themselves, the vehicles used to transport the products, and the warehouses where the products are stored. Temperature, humidity and location data will be recorded in a real-time manner to ensure the authenticity and validity of the data.
  • The data collected is stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain to ensure its immutability. With the accessible APIs provided by VeChain, enterprises can upload and search for core information and business data effortlessly.
  • DNV will be responsible for setting data standards for the core data generated during logistics and providing third-party verification for the data and the process: setting data monitoring standards together with customers in accordance with the business demands and industry requirements, identifying problems in a timely manner and ensuring the data stored on the blockchain are authentic and reliable.

Ensuring Data Authenticity

Key logistics data is collected by IoT devices and stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain. The entire process is done automatically to ensure data authenticity from the source.

Transparent and Secure Data

The data uploaded by each party involved in the logistics process will be stored on the VeChainThor Blockchain to ensure that the data are secure, reliable and immutable, facilitating in creating an open, transparent and inclusive logistics model.

Improve Logistics Management Efficiency

By leveraging blockchain and IoT technology, we can facilitate in reducing labor costs, identifying problems, controlling risks, reducing economic losses and improving overall efficiency.

Digital Services

The data stored on the blockchain can be used to provide digital services for the customers, thus making the data more valuable that it would be alone.


VeChain Solution

Traditional Logistics Industry

Traditional Logistics Industry


A Well-known Chain Store

Cold Chain Logistics of a Well-known Chain Store VeChain provides a blockchain based cold chain traceability solution, integrated with IoT technology, for a well-known chain store. Using the IoT temperature data sensor, temperature data during the whole process is collected and recorded on the VeChainThor blockchain. Within the solution, a deviation threshold is set and a warning system is enabled to monitor data in a timely manner; a backtracking mechanism can be built based on the blockchain secured. Based on data analysis, the system can facilitate in optimizing the food safety of cold chain, accurately recalling back defective food in food safety incidents. In addition, the temperature data can be shared with insurers so that they can provide cold-chain insurance services.

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